The bio-colloidal silver

I am a distributor of this natural broad-spectrum antibiotic, produced by the laboratory Bio Colloïdal France.

« Composed of the silver element, it destroys viruses, bacteria and germs that cause skin blemishes. Our colloidal silver is an ideal moisturizer for all skin types and applicable from head to feet. In addition to moisturizing the skin, our colloidal silver provides an instant sensation of relief and well-being. The skin becomes clear and purified in no time (it as both a cleansing & a moisturizing action, 2 in1 !). According to our tests made under dermatological control, it has also been proven that our natural lotion visibly reduces redness. So do not hesitate if you wish to recover vitality and a radiant complexion ! »
I am at your disposal for any question about it.