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 » Active listening is an approach focused on the person.  » Carl Rogers

I intend to help you to optimize your business, love and friendship relationships, to gain authenticity so that you will feel at your rightful place. This is made possible by using principles of active listening and benevolent communication.

The active listening technique :

I intend to guide you by using this technique so that you can make head-way and fulfill yourself.

Active listening is a technique derived from benevolent communication: it makes us available to the others and to the world of codes and meanings. By a reflex movement, the speaker feels understood and uses his/her power not to defend or attack, but to share, reflect and find solutions.

The principles are:

  • Rather be told than say.
  • Listening carefully and neutrally to the interlocutor by letting him/her go to the end of his/her thought, even if we disagree with what he/she says
  • Returning what he/she says (thoughts) and feels (feelings) without judgment or opinion.
  • Asking open questions.
  • Making him/her express concrete and specific facts and intentions of actions.

It minimizes the risk of misunderstandings while providing a safe environment where one can express oneself without fear of being judged.

Keys to better communicate :

I propose to give you the keys of benevolent communication, to help you speak from the heart and live healthy, respectful, creative and caring relationships.

Wanting to communicate better involves a work on oneself and also a will to work together. This desire to go towards the other, to understand what is expressed in him/her is essential for a smooth and authentic communication.

Very practical, lively, and effective immediately, this method makes us explore how to transmit our messages and values ​​to our loved ones, with efficiency and respect for everyone, rather than with confrontation, take-over or subjection.

This method allows to enter deeply and truly in touch with what is happening inside us and then express it to someone else, without harming them, and with a better chance to be heard.

It involves four steps :

1 – Observation

This step consists in describing the facts objectively, accurately and without judgment or evaluationn.

2 – The expression of feelings

The clear articulation of what we feel can keep away judgments and interpretations. Using the first person (« I« ) to express to the other what a behaviour can bring about on ourselves can sensitize the other without blame.
The enrichment of our vocabulary of feelings occurs gradually.

3 – The expression of our needs

Linking how we feel with one or more unsatisfied personal needs enables us to better understand what is happening within us.

4 – Developing an application

After the expression of feelings and needs, a practical and feasible request expressed in a positive way enables to create or maintain a good relationship and find solutions that work for everyone.


Ruins of the Berlin wall :

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