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Audrey Belloir
Well-being practitioner

Tel : +33 (0)7 81 39 67 62
Mail :
Skype : vibrations-positives

 » Exchange, human being and health have always been at the heart of my concerns. Keen on Chinese energy, I have been interested since 2007 in various techniques of well-being. Feldenkrais Method, relaxation therapy, Qi Gong, Tai Chi chuan, yoga, energy dance, meditation … and I have been trained in healing practices, on my free time. The positive feedback on the massages & treatments I have performed on my family & friends have led me to make this passion my job. « 

Audrey Belloir in portage with Aegid – SARL capital of 20 000 € – Siret 478 586 324 0003 8 – RCS Evry – APE 7022Z

Well-being massaging at the following training organizations : Azenday, Elémenterre, and the Institute of the CCI St Malo-Fougeres.
Pranic Healing niveau 1, 2 & 3 – Reiki : 1°, 2° & 3° degree – Crystal Healing
Language & Communication – Trilingual English -Spanish – Italian

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Where to find me ?

The courses :

Active meditation and learning self-massages take place every Monday from 12:30 to 13:30, every Monday from 18.30 to 19.30 and every Tuesday from 19:00 to 20:00 (except during school holidays).

Location :
Curly’s Bloom, 29 rue de Léon – 35000 Rennes

The evenings :

One Saturday by month. Dates available at the request.

Location :
Espace des 2 rives, 4 allée Georges Palante – 35000 Rennes (underground parking at your disposal)

The massages and treatments :

They are available in Rennes :

  • in the city center, next to TNB at Curly’s Bloom Urban Spa
  • 29 rue de Léon 35000 Rennes

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    • in Beauregard quarter, starting in January 2014

Les Jardins d’Aurélie

    5 rue Gina PANE – 35000 Rennes

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Some services are available at a distance, via Skype, such as Energy Healing and Active listening & Keys to better comunicate.

Prices Any appointment organised and not canceled within 24 hours will have to be paid.

Active meditation and self-massaging

Courses :

€75 per quarter or €180 per year / €6 per course.
Students and job seekers: €55 per quarter or €150 per year / €6 per course.

Evenings :

€28 for a 3-hour lesson. Places are limited. Compulsory booking by phone, to confirm by a cheque sent by post.

Body care :

€ 60
For a true well-being and out of respect for the practitioner, your body must be clean.

Well-being package :
4 one-hour massages of your choice ( 4 hours) : € 200
8 one-hour massages of your choice ( 8 hours) : € 390
16 one-hour massages of your choice (16 hours) : € 720

Ethics : All massages are unambigously non-medical and non-erotic or sexual. The proposed massage techniques give well-being through physical relaxation and they are not acts of physiotherapy.

Any appointment taken and not canceled within 24 hours will have to be paid

Energy healing :

€ 60
€ 80 is the price for the care of cellular memory (duration: 2 hours)

Active Listening & keys to better communicate :


Bio-colloidal silver :

Sprays 250ml: €16,90 / bottles (1 litre) : € 29.90 / bottles (500 ml): €19,90

The bio-colloidal silver :
I am a distributor of this natural broad-spectrum antibiotic, produced by the laboratory Bio Colloïdal France.

« Composed of the silver element, it destroys viruses, bacteria and germs that cause skin blemishes. Our colloidal silver is an ideal moisturizer for all skin types and applicable from head to feet. In addition to moisturizing the skin, our colloidal silver provides an instant sensation of relief and well-being. The skin becomes clear and purified in no time (it as both a cleansing & a moisturizing action, 2 in1 !). According to our tests made under dermatological control, it has also been proven that our natural lotion visibly reduces redness. So do not hesitate if you wish to recover vitality and a radiant complexion ! »
I am at your disposal for any question about it.

Thank you :
Sara & Sylvain, Sarah, Serge A., Patricia B., Pierre, Serge B., Isabelle C., Marie-Annick, Claudie & Jean, Morgan, Nathalie, Patricia U., Christia, Fabrice, Laura, Patrick, Daniel, Franck, Florence, Isabelle, Marie-Noëlle & Philippe, Yolanda, Myriam, Pascal, Frédéric, Christian, Marie, Monique, Christian, Gérard, Gilbert, Alexandrine…
Thank you !

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