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KERAYU, « Life Home » in celtic languages

Taking care of myself ∞ taking care of yourself, naturally!

At school, you learn french, math, history… but you don’t learn how to take care of the most valuable person in the world, with which you will spend the rest of our life, which is in our hands: you. Or to take care of our spouse, colleague, brother, sister, family… Beyond getting rid of  blockages to your « blooming », my commitment is to transmit you the keys to be happy and in good shape throughout your life by natural means. Automatically your relationship to the other, and to the world, will be changed. Let’s experiment for the happiness of all, at work, in love, in family! Because it is when we are in  a meditation state that we can be in harmony with our environment : everything is being realigned in our lives!

Who am I ?

Exchange, human being and health have always been at the heart of my concerns. Keen on Chinese energy, I have been interested since 2007 in various techniques of well-being. Feldenkrais Method, relaxation therapy, Qi Gong, Tai Chi chuan, yoga, energy dance, meditation … and I have been trained in healing practices, on my free time. The positive feedback on the massages & treatments I have performed on my family & friends have led me to make this passion my job.

Audrey Belloir
Massages, Soins bien-être

Holistic care

Well-being techniques from Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine adapted to nowadays..to go smoothly but surely. I practice these techniques through well-being massages, with only organic produce and herbs, essential oils and crystal stones to suit individual needs. I also offer slimming treatments, anti-stress, for athletes, 100% natural!

Médecines du Monde

Medicines of the world

In ancient Chinese Medical Science, there are five levels of healing skills. The first is called Tuina, it is the massage. The 2nd one is the use of herbs. The 3rd uses acupuncture and moxibustion. The 4th, acupuncture and energy. The 5th uses only energy. I practice Pranatherapy (India & China), Reiki, Shiatsu (Japan), and more recent techniques that have been proven too, with the same bases, which are cellular memory and crystal therapy.


Meditation and Alignment

Meditation courses (from beginners) of Do-In self-massage, body & spirit harmonisation used in Chinese medicine for renewal and well-being in your lives! Come & take care of yourself by getting involved in a regular physical activity or relaxation and that fits your personality.

Ateliers bien-être


Well-being workshops for your fulfillment in your relationships whatever they are! We are all the same & all different … come alone or as couple, to explore a new way to live your relationships to each other and to the world. Program: Self-discovery, with another approach to interpersonal communication, sacred Male & Female universe. Ideal when you are at a turning point in his life, to accompany the change.

Techniques millénaires

Millennia techniques

Preventive and curative medicines from ancient techniques of the world: those techniques that are proven are based on Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

Sur mesure

Suited for you

Each massage, each care begins with an interview of twenty minutes to properly identify your wishes, your needs and it ends with an organic tea or herbal tea of your choice. Follow up with specific interview is provided for all types of treatments (slimming, anti-stress )

Haut de gamme pour tous

High quality for everyone

High quality for everyone,all my services remain accessible to all purses: from € 8 for a course, € 27 a massage , € 30 a Workshop!

Tout public

For all age or kind of public

Massages & care for all age or kind of persons: Suitable for adults and children wellbeing Special massage for athletic persons, Special pregnant women, special handling emotions