Massages for Athletic people

The Balinese massage:

It is said that its main benefit would be to heal the imbalance between the body and the soul. The Balinese massage is usually performed on the ground and the practitioner will combine gentle and relaxing action to heal the wounds of the body and the imbalance of the energy flowing through us. Different energy points called Marma are stimulated, as well as the elements that make up our body (water, earth, fire).

The oil Thai massage:

It is composed of smoothing on energy routes, very gentle stretching and percussions to get a revitalized body and a peaceful mind. It clears tension and fatigue, soothes and softens the skin, relaxes the joints.

The massage with hot stones and crystals :

It comes from the Native American culture. The Indians were using heated stones during their purification rituals. This massage is performed with a high-quality holly oil, hot basalt stones of volcanic origin and fresh sea stones and crystals. Alternating hot and cold makes profound work on the poles which helps the elimination of toxins and the flexibility of muscles, as well as tissue oxygenation. It releases blocked energy and boosts blood and lymphatic circulation.


The Thai massage on the ground :

The traditional Thai massage is a set of gestures transmitted within peasant families to relieve tired muscles by long hours in the fields.
The basic techniques of traditional Thai massage are composed of acupressure on energy lines and gentle stretching inspired by yoga postures.
This massage is performed on a futon, on the floor, to a person dressed in loose, comfortable clothing.
Especially recommended for tense people, it helps athletes in their physical preparation.

Foot reflexology:

The feet are a miniature representation of the body: This gentle massage is done by pressures on the reflex zones of the foot arch. Each zone corresponds to a body part, or an organ. Considered as an alternative medicine, foot freflexology allows to locate the body tension and other malfunctions and then makes them disappear. The well-being provided by foot reflexology is also psychological: mental relaxation, removal of negative emotions. There are contraindications to this massage: inflammation, feet trauma, recent heart problems, circulatory problems (phlebitis. ..) , early pregnancy.
An organic tea is offered with all the care you buy.

For true well-being and out of respect for the practitioner, your body must be clean.

Ethics : All massages are unambigously non-medical and non-erotic or sexual. The proposed massage techniques give well-being through physical relaxation and they are not acts of physiotherapy. Any appointment taken and not canceled within 24 hours will have to be paid .