Active meditation & self massages

« While the Spirit is free, All is free around you. »


Because everything is within you, Kerayu suggests you to come back to your inner being through meditation & harmonisation body techniques used in chinese traditional medecine. Energy balance care will enable you, at the same time, to assess the situation and make a step towards more well-being!




An inside trip of 1 – 1:15 hour.
You can join the course at any time of the year. Here is the description :

After a warm-up, we will begin active meditation, in music.
Alternatively, we will do the so-called « Four Directions » or « in motion » meditation.

– MEDITATION OF THE FOUR DIRECTIONS : It is based on the space of the heart, the exploration of balance and imbalance. It is a symbolic meditation where we give and receive.

– MEDITATION IN MOTION : It is a very ancient method of healing. It takes place in 4 parts and unites meditation and movement. It can be done on all styles of music.

BENEFITS : letting go, lowering the sound level of mental hubbub (thoughts, ideas, pictures, concepts, barriers), distancing of emotions, development of the state of presence, calmer understanding of everyday life, relaxation, relief.

The session will continue with learning self-massages, before finishing with stretching.
This is a practice that stimulates microcirculation and also optimizes cellular exchanges and facilitate digestion. It offers significant benefits to the body and mind : relaxation, stimulation and relief.

Please bring flexible and comfortable clothing. If possible, please bring a comfortable cushion, (preferably a meditation one).