Meditation, self massages, games


Meditation , self-massages & games with one person or with the whole group to open you to your inner being and the other person  in a fulfulling way, through inner peace,  and creating beautiful relationships with the other person (man, woman).

Here is the programme :

Meditation in motion, guided (by myself), sung…with the learning of mantras….

Followed by self-massages …on the whole body, with then a focus on the belly and feet.

If the group is willing to, massage techniques (the dressed ones ) by 2 will be presented.

Opened to everyone, they enable you to discover other ways to meditate.

In each workshop, it is a new program, made of discoveries & new practises!

A time to spend in Joy, playful & goodwill spirit  !

Please look at the News in homepage to be informed of the dates!

Beware ! Places are limited and booking is compulsory for a good organisation. Thank you.